Welcome to the Local 817.org Website. This is the main page and contains answers to questions specific to this page, as well as a general overview of how the site works. For specific help on any section, please read the FAQ section.

How to Navigate

Click on the corresponding tab to select the page you wish to view. Avoid using the “Back” button while you are logged-in. Instead, please use the appropriate tabs to connect to the desired page.

Navigation Tabs


To become a user of the Local 817 portal, Current Local 817 members must first register. Start by clicking the register tab along the ribbon on top of the home page. This button will take you to the registration page where you will enter the required personal information to complete the registration process.


After the registration process is complete, each user can login by entering their unique user id and password. This will allow the user access to both the work availability portal and their work history information.

Unable to access my accounts:

This tab is used to access the necessary page to reset or retrieve your user name and /or password.

User Dashboard:

After successfully logging in, users will have access to the availability portal, work history information, and access to their user profile information for editing or updating.

Set Availability:

By accessing this tab, the user will be able to designate work availability.

Edit User Profile:

The User can modify/edit or change the information in his/her profile. The User needs to login into the account, where the name of the User is displayed on right upper corner of the dashboard. Click once on your name and it will take you to the profile, where you will be allowed to change or edit some of the fields and then click on update.

Log out:

Use this tab to securely log out of the user account.

I forgot my user name or password. What do I do?

Click on “I can’t access my account” feature provided just below the login details on the Home Page and follow the instructions.

What browsers do you support?

Internet Explorer 6 and above, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox and Opera.


Problem creating a Valid Registration:

The user must complete all required fields to prevent an unsuccessful registration.

Provide an active email address:

An active email address is required to complete a successful registration. An inactive or misspelled email address will prevent the registration process from being completed.

Email provided was inactive:

In order to retrieve your newly established username and password, you must be able to retrieve mail from your active account.

Problem staying signed in:

For security reasons, it is highly recommended that you log out prior to closing your browser. If you are using a private personal device, you may stay logged in by clicking the “this is a personal device” link.

I'm not receiving notifications:

Please contact the administrator @516-365-3470 during normal business hours.

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